You can:
  • Set a personal calendar with reminders in email, SMS, or other notification settings.
  • Create multiple calendars for personal or shared use. You can even share your personal calendar.
  • Delegate management of calendars to others.
  • Invite people to events.
  • Create recurring events.
  • Schedule resources for your events.
  • Sync your calendar to Google supported applications (e.g. Thunderbird: Lightning, iCal) and devices (e.g. Android Phones/Tablets, iPhone/Pod/Pad, Windows Mobile).


Getting to your Google Calendar

  • wucal.willamette.edu - go directly to your calendar
  • Within Gmail - Log in to your Google Apps for Education Willamette University account. In the upper-right region of Gmail click on the 'Google Apps' Grid, then click 'Calendar'
  • Mobile - get your calendar and email on your mobile device


The following links are maintained by Google, and therefore should pertain to the latest version of Google Calendar. If you encounter problems please contact your USC or the Help Desk.


Google Calendar for Administrative Assistants - detailed information about calendar delegation, managing another user's calendar, scheduling meeting rooms, and other topics for people who need to manage or coordinate other calendars.

Using Appointment Slots - The appointment slots feature lets you set one period of time on your calendar, divided into available time slots for people to reserve.


  • Verify your calendar's Time Zone is correct in your Calendar Settings.
  • Do not rename your personal calendar. By default it is your Willamette account email address. When others see your calendar it will show as that address.
  • Do not delete your personal calendar.
  • Give unique relevant names to shared calendars.
  • Visit Google's support documentation or contact your USC if you're having problems performing a specific task.
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