Google Team Drive

What's a Team Drive?

Google Team Drive allows users to create folders with shared ownership among "Team" members.  This allows collaboration without the confusion of multiple shared folders and files that are owned by specific users and stored only in their personal Google Drive.  Team Drives are an excellent way to ensure more than one person is in control of your collective creations including important meeting notes, shared spreadsheets, and work worthy of retaining as institutional knowledge.

How are Team Drives made?

WITS has enabled this feature of the Google Education Suite for all users and will not be creating Team Drives for groups, teams, courses, or individuals.  It's entirely up to you to decide the name, membership, and member access levels for the drives you create, and making them is extremely simple.  Use the below link to check out Google's instructions!

How to Make a Team Drive

This site also discusses how to restrict access and protect your sensitive data from being shared with folks outside the team, so be sure to read through the entire instruction set before assuming your Team Drive content is secure.

WITS employees have been using Team Drives for quite a while now and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their use.  Just contact your User Services Consultant or the WITS Help Desk at x6767.

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