Usage of digital signage has been steadily growing at Willamette.  Many buildings now have one or more signs installed in public areas, presenting informational announcements and providing details about upcoming events and activities.

Some signs are intended and sited to display content provided by a wide variety of campus groups, while others are primarily or completely for the use of one department.  In each case, the sign's content is curated by members of the department or unit that manages the space in which it's installed; there is no centralized management at this time.

WITS provides access to Concerto, a signage server application that distributes the content displayed on most campus signs.  Concerto divides content into "Feeds", themed collections of content, and "Screens", collections of feeds to be shown on the physical digital signs.

Adding your Content to Digital Signage

If you're interested in having your content appear on the signs tied to Concerto, there are two options to consider:

  1. If your content is a one-off, or you foresee needing to display content only rarely, you can request a Concerto account which will allow you to upload images and submit them to be approved for display on other users' feeds.
  2. If you are a representative of a department, group, or organization that plans to produce content on a regular basis, you can request the creation of one or more feeds within Concerto, and then request sign managers subscribe to your feed.

Contact the WITS Help Desk or submit a WITS Service Request.


Signage content can be uploaded in JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.  PNG is recommended for the best appearance in most cases.  Animated GIFs are not supported. 

Relative to sign orientation, the minimum resolutions are:

  • Landscape: 1920 x 1080 (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Portrait: 1080 x 1920 (9:16 aspect ratio)

Your resolution can be higher than the above, but it needs to be of the same aspect ratio.  If your resolution is higher, we recommend simple multiplies of the minimum.  2880 x 1620 (1.5x) will look better scaled down to 1920 x 1080 than 2768 x 1557 (1.442x), for instance.

Digital Signage Locations

The following table lists signage location and orientation, the department that manages each sign, whether the sign is connected to Concerto, and whether the sign accepts non-departmental content.

Location Orientation Department Concerto? Accepts Outside Content?
AGSM Mudd Student Lounge Landscape Atkinson Yes Yes
Ford 1st Floor - South Entrance Landscape World Language Studios Yes Yes
Ford 1st Floor - WLS Service Desk Landscape World Language Studios Yes Yes
Ford 1st Floor - Writing Center Landscape Ford Admin Assistant Yes Yes
Ford 2nd Floor Landing Landscape Ford Admin Assistant Yes Yes
Ford 3rd Floor Landing Landscape Ford Admin Assistant Yes Yes
Hallie Ford Museum Lobby Landscape Museum Staff Yes No
Law School - Main Lobby Landscape Law School Yes Yes
Law School - Rick's Cafe Landscape Law School Yes Yes
Montag Center Portrait Outdoor Program Yes Yes
Pelton Theater - Lobby Landscape Theater No No
Rogers Music Center Landscape Music No No
Sparks - Lobby, East Wall Landscape Athletics Yes No
Sparks - Lobby, West Wall Landscape Athletics Yes Yes
Sparks - Fitness Center Landscape Campus Recreation Yes Yes
University Center 1st Floor - North and South Entrances Landscape Campus Planning Yes Yes
Willamette Academy Landscape Willamette Academy Yes Yes
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