Process and Vendors

All computer purchases made for university work must be approved by the WITS Department. We work hard with selected vendors to bring the best price and quality for your computing needs.

The process begins with contacting to your WITS User Services Consultant (USC):

  • They will work with you to build the computer that fits your specific needs and budget.
  • The computer order is then submitter through university purchasing and processed.
  • Once the computer arrives on campus, it is received by our technicians for testing and imaging.
  • Your USC will make arrangements with you to deliver and configure the computer.

Our current vendor preferences are Dell and Apple. We have chosen them based on criteria of quality, service, and price. Other vendors may be used in circumstances where it is required buy hardware/software needs.

Specialty computers

Often specific computers are needed to work with specialized software or hardware connections. Inform your USC of any such purchases and WITS will assist in verifying that the proper equipment is ordered for these needs.

Grant purchases and other special funds.

This policy includes computers purchased with grant money or other special funds. WITS has thoroughly researched the computing hardware that meet our requirements and are fully supported by our technicians.

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