Through the oversight of the ASWU Vice President, candidates and their campaigns are vetted to ensure adherence to the expectations of Willamette University and the ASWU Constitution. The first round of elections is that for ASWU Executive offices, during which the entire student body votes for their favorable candidate. After elections for ASWU Executive, class-specific elections take place for the election of the five class senators. In the case that an executive officer is not able to fulfill their duties before the end of their term, the constitutional line of presidential succession will ensue. If succession is not feasible, or in the case that a senator cannot fulfill their duties before the end of their term, special elections will take place.

Any questions and material regarding the election process should be directed to the ASWU Vice President.

Executive Elections for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. 

  • March 8th - Elections Packet due (includes photo, bio, signature, and campaign plan)
  • March 11th - Campaigning begins (as long as election packet has been turned in)
  • March 20th - Voting opens at 8am
  • March 22nd - Voting ends at 5pm. Student body will be notified with the results shortly after. 
Senate Elections for the 2019-2020 Academic Year are TBD, but will take place in April. 
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