Anyone can submit a funding request to RHA! Please reach out to the Director of Administration, Rodney Gray, at with any questions.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Click the "Funding Request Application" button below. This will take you to a Google Form. Fill every field unless it is labeled optional. If all required fields are not filled in, your funding request will not be considered.
    • Please look at the Guidelines section below first before submitting this form. There are restrictions on what funding requests can be submitted.
    • If you are from a Hall Council and are planning to buy items from your hall council budget, go to your Residence Life Coordinator who advises the hall council to purchase said items.
      • If the hall council runs out of funds from its budget, it may submit a funding request to RHA for the General Assembly to review.
  2. Once you submit the Google Form, the Director of Administration will be notified. They will build a Funding Request Form and Funding Request budget on your behalf. You will receive an email confirmation from the Director of Administration.
    • The email will include the form, budget, and date on which your funding request will be presented to the General Assembly meeting.
  3. A presenter must attend the General Assembly meeting to present their funding request. They must be the person who submitted the request or someone closely linked to the funding request.
  4. After the General Assembly has voted on the funding request, the Director of Administration will email the requestor as to whether or not the request has been approved or denied. Prior to this point, the Director of Administration may be in touch to confirm details or ask about potential changes the General Assembly wishes to make.
    • If approved: contact Nikola Douglas-Tavani, at, for details on how to be reimbursed.
    • If denied: you are welcome to revise your funding request with the help of the Director of Administration and resubmit.

Guidelines For Funding Request Applications:

  1. Funding requests are processed weekly. Requesters can look at our GA Google Calendar on the main page for when GA Funding Request meetings occur.
  2. Applications are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Applications need to be submitted by Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. the week of a GA Funding Request meeting to be considered for the next day's meeting.
  3. Applications for events, submitted by RHA or other groups, must be approved by the General Assembly 1 week before the event occurs.
  4. If possible, RHA would like requestors to shop locally from local businesses to reduce carbon emissions and the impact on the environment.
  5. Applications for events not submitted by RHA may be subject to a cap on the total event budget on how much funding can be allocated. Funding from RHA is mainly designated for the support of residents and is meant to support events held on campus and advertised heavily to these populations. Please carefully review the guidelines below to see if your event may be subject to a cap.
    1. No Cap: Events held within Willamette University, especially within residence halls, or supplies bought that are open primarily for all on-campus residents and directed towards on-campus residents.
    2. 50% Cap Applied: Events held within Willamette University or supplies bought that are open and directed to all students, on-campus residents or off-campus residents, or non-resident community members.
    3. Rejected: Events held or supplies bought that are for private individual, group, or club use. Events held outside Willamette University.
  6. Funds for events or supplies come from RHA's budget. Funds for funding requests submitted by RHA are handled by the Housing office. Funds for funding requests not submitted by RHA are reimbursed. Receipts are required for reimbursement.
    1. If a funding request is for an event, reimbursement cannot start until after the event has occurred. 
    2. If a requestor already had a funding request approved by the General Assembly but canceled the event, they are ineligible for reimbursement of any already bought items.

Funding Request Application

If you require any disability accommodations in or for your presentation, please contact the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at 503-570-6195.

If you are an ASWU-affiliated club and are in need of more funds, the Director of Administration can direct you to other possible sources of funds that clubs can draw upon.

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