Study Abroad at Willamette is more common than the national trend. Around 40% of each graduating class has earned credit abroad, mainly on semester programs. This is compared to the national rate of 1% on semester programs. At WU, study abroad is an opportunity to enhance your degree and have a truly global experience. Eligible students are invited to apply!

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Why do so many Willamette students study abroad?

The Ultimate Liberal Arts Experience

A liberal arts education teaches students how to think and how to learn. Studying abroad allows you access to the next level of critical thinking when you go outside of your comfort zone and beyond what you know. WU faculty recognize this experience as life-changing and an educational plus!

New or different styles of teaching and different expectations for learning you encounter encourage a new way of adapting. You will learn new ways of acquiring knowledge and understanding it. All while engaging with the course content.

Get a new perspective on global affairs. People you meet will ask you questions about the U.S. political and economic culture you live in and will share with their own experience and knowledge on these topics. Find out how others view the U.S. in all kinds of ways you may not have thought about!

Living abroad challenges the way you act and think. Careful navigation of intercultural interactions teaches you skills that are applicable to academic, professional, and social life.

Language Acquisition

Immersion in a language is one of the best and quickest way to learn. Whether starting or mastering a language, using it daily - speaking, writing, and reading - is guaranteed to improve your skills.

Résumé Building

International experience is a desirable trait to employers. Other marketable qualities that studying abroad fosters:

  • problem solving skills
  • critical thinking
  • adaptability
  • resiliency
  • intercultural communication skills
  • perseverance
  • foreign language fluency
  • many more!

Short term study abroad

Find Summer Study Abroad Programs on the OIE website: The application process is the same as for semester programs.

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