Mapping your Home Directory on campus - Windows

Windows 10

  • From your Start screen -the one with all the tiles on it- simply start typing and the search feature will engage: type the word ‘computer
  • A page labeled Apps will appear and show an icon for Computer.
    • Click on Computer.
    • This will drop you into the Desktop view of of Windows 10.
  • The Computer window should be open. On the left side of the menus (next to File) click on computer (*alternatively on the far right of the window you can click on the ^ icon next to the help question mark) to expose the task ribbon.
  • Once the ribbon has been exposed click on the Map network drive icon.
  • In the Map Network Drive window:
    • Drive: choose any drive letter that isn’t already in use (H: is a common choice for your netfiles share, but any letter is fine)
    • Folder: Type in \\\username* (*substitute your own Willamette username for ‘username’)
    • If desired, check the box labeled Reconnect at sign-in
    • Click Finish
  • A Windows Security window will appear asking you to Enter your network password
    • User name:Type username*  *(substitute your own Willamette username for ‘username’)
    • Password: Type your WU network account password.
    • Click OK
  • A window with the contents of your Personal Share should appear. That's it, you're done.

Windows 7, Vista, and XP

  • Open My Computer (Windows 10: click on Start, then choose My Computer).
  • In the menu bar click Map Network Drive (Windows XP click on Tools -> Map Network Drive)
  • The Map Network Drive window should appear.
    • In Drive choose the letter H: (or any letter not currently used)
    • InFolder type\\\username (where 'username' is your Willamette login name)
  • If you desire: click the Reconnect at Login box, this will automatically re-connect your home drive when you log in to your computer while on campus.
  • Click Finish.
  • You may be prompted for a username and password
    • In User name type username (where 'username' is your Willamette login name)
    • In Password type your Willamette network password
    • Click OK
  • A window with the contents of your Personal Share will be displayed in a new window.
  • If you close the window, you can still access your home directory by opening Computer and looking for one of the following (The drive letter may be something other than 'H:'):
    • username on 'netfiles' (H:).
    • Personal Share (H:)
  • Some personal firewall software and other similar security utilities have been known to interfere with the ability to map network drives. If you have such software installed and are having problems accessing network drives, try disabling the software.

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