Windows 10

  • From your Start screen -the one with all the tiles on it- simply start typing and the search feature will engage: type the word ‘computer
  • A page labeled Apps will appear and show an icon for Computer.
    • Click on Computer.
    • This will drop you into the Desktop view of of Windows 10.
  • The Computer window should be open. On the left side of the menus (next to File) click on computer (*alternatively on the far right of the window you can click on the ^ icon next to the help question mark) to expose the task ribbon.
  • Once the ribbon has been exposed click on the Map network drive icon.
  • In the Map Network Drive window:
    • Drive: choose any drive letter that isn’t already in use (H: is a common choice for your netfiles share, but any letter is fine)
    • Folder: Type in \\\username* (*substitute your own Willamette username for ‘username’)
    • If desired, check the box labeled Reconnect at sign-in
    • Click Finish
  • A Windows Security window will appear asking you to Enter your network password
    • User name: Type*  *(substitute your own Willamette username for ‘username’)
    • Password: Type your WU network account password.
    • Click OK
  • A window with the contents of your Personal Share should appear. That's it, you're done.
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