Networks: Willamette Community

  • Our Salem campus provides WiFi via Willamette Community 
  • At the the Portland campus, choose BlitzPDX or BlitzPDX 5GHz
  • At the PNCA campus, choose PNCA WU Users

Who can access Willamette's wireless networks?

  • Willamette Community is restricted to staff, faculty, and students with a valid network account.
  • Willamette Guest requires a security key and is intended for non-Willamette users.
  • Visiting groups can make arrangements with the Residence Life and Housing office for internet needs during their stay at Willamette.

How do I get connected?

To configure your device to access the wireless network, choose your operating system from the list below:

Don't see your device listed? Just about anything with WiFi and a web-browser can register on our wireless networks. See our page linked below for full details on what's allowed, and how to register gadgets without web browsers.

What are the available networks?

Blitznet: Willamette University Students, Faculty and Staff

Willamette Community Wireless internet is available in all residence halls and non-residential / academic buildings in Salem.  Individuals with a email address should always use this for Wifi.  Registration is valid for the academic year and will require re-registration each fall.

Security keys (passwords): Willamette account holders (staff, faculty, students) may go here to see the current security keys for the networks

**Note: the keys listed at the above link will change occasionally


Free public wireless connectivity is available in the Mark O. Hatfield and the J.W. Long Law Libraries. The network name (SSID) is: Willamette Public

Guest Wireless

Willamette provides a WiFi network named Willamette Guest that grants basic Internet access to official guests of the university only (parents, visitors from other schools, visiting groups, guest lecturers, etc.). This network is accessible in all academic and administrative buildings and requires a security key to connect.

During the summer months, visiting residential groups may use the Summer Conferences wireless network. This network is available in residential buildings and requires a security key to connect. 

  • SSID: Summer Conferences
  • Security key: Provided to conference leaders or available from the office of Residence Life and Housing.



Wireless access is available at Zena near the barn area.  The network name (SSID) is: WUZena.  

Security key: Willamette account holders (staff, faculty, students) may go here to see the current security keys for the networks

Notable Exceptions

The following buildings have special wireless coverage by Willamette University.

  • Keene Stadium - please contact Athletics
  • McCulloch Stadium - please contact Athletics
Willamette University

Willamette Integrated Technology Services

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
503-370-6004 voice
503-375-5456 fax

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