Details to consider before submitting a request

Guest List or Approximate Attendance

Facility/Space options

Services Including:

  • Bon Appetit (catering or line service) + Alcohol Request Form
  • WITS
  • Facilities (Set-ups, Furniture)
  • Campus Safety (parking needs, building access, security)

Confirm Speaker or MC if necessary

When Submitting a request in VEMS Include needs regarding services:

  • Menus may change but an indication of Bon Appetit needs will help
  • Tech needs if space is not equipped with tech items
  • Set-up details if a configurable space

Any furniture needs (podium, stools, etc.)

  • Reserving guest parking via link
  • Campus Safety: access needs, door times, security needs
  • Room Set-up

Number/size of room(s) needed

  • If this is a multi-room event you can add all the rooms you need in one reservation.

Table Arrangements

  • Set-ups are listed; if there are specific needs or requests list them in notes
  • Keep in mind that most spaces are not reconfigurable

List additional needs:

  • Podium, stool, etc.


  • Share on Willamette events calendar
  • Posters or handouts

Support from WITS and print services


  • Be mindful of decorating policies for facilities you are interested in

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Delays in calendar access via VEMS may occur as the Scheduling Committee prepares the Master Calendar for the upcoming year.
  • Keep in mind that EMS has limitations for making multiple changes at a time to an event. If many details are changing (time, place and services) it may be easier to cancel and create a new reservation with all the updated details. If you are unsure of the best route for your specific event don't hesitate to reach out to the Service Center with questions.

Remember to make reservations as soon as possible, because space is limited.

Information needed to reserve facilities:

  • Name of your event.
  • Date and time of the event (include both start and finish time).
  • Access and post-access times (for set-up and clean-up).
  • Estimated audience attendance.
  • Who is the contact person for your group?
  • What is the address, phone number, and e-mail address of your contact person?
  • Alternative locations and/or dates.

Event Planning Guidelines

  • Classrooms are available during the day, however, academic classes have first priority.
  • Cat Cavern is offline during the week until 4 p.m. due to dining services. Possibly later than 3 p.m. if the event requires special set-up.
  • Is your event compatible with other events that are occurring on campus at the same time?
  • Will you need security, wheelchair access, or parking arrangements?
  • If you are planning on serving alcohol, you will need to complete an alcohol request form with the Service Center. The University Facilities and Events Committee will then review your request.
  • Keep in mind some events require insurance.
  • Remember to inform the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences of any changes in location or other logistics.
  • Access the online scheduling form

Event Services

  • Bon Appetit Food Service - Bon Appetit does all of the catering for events scheduled on the Willamette campus. Their catering services range from coffee and snacks to more elaborate meals. The Bon Appetit web site has a full list of available catered menu choices.
  • Campus Safety - Campus safety is responsible for making sure all facilities are unlocked and locked for scheduled events. They can also assist with parking and security matters.
  • Copy Center - The copy center can print programs, invitations, tickets, and other promotional items. Remember to contact them in advance, particularly for large printing orders.
  • Disabilities and Learning Services - Sign language interpreters are available upon request. They can also provide information about wheelchair access on the Willamette campus.
  • Facility Support/Stage Services - Provides support for special set-up and equipment needs. The Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences can assist you with contacting these services.
  • Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) - WITS can assist you with computer, audio/visual equipment, microphones, and other technology needs.
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