Welcome to Willamette University! This page introduces time-sensitive items related to student accounts to assist incoming students in making a smooth transition into the fall semester.

Students are billed for fall semester tuition on July 14, 2023. Students are able to view invoices and billing activity on the University's payment system, Bill+Payment.

Checklist for Incoming Students

  • Student Account Payment Deadline (due 8/28/2023): We have several payment options.
    • Bill+Payment, our electronic billing and payment system. This is the preferred method used by most students.
    • Mail: Please include your name and student ID number on your check and mail it to the following address:
      • Willamette University
        Attn: Student Accounts
        PO Box 24285
        Seattle, WA 98124-0285
    • International wire transfer through Flywire: Click here to initiate a wire transfer through Flywire.

    • Payment plan option: Payment plans are available on a term-by-term basis on Bill+Payment. Fall semester is available for enrollment in July once fall semester charges post, and spring plans are available in early January as soon as spring charges post. There is a $30 per-semester sign-up fee ($60 per year) that is billed to your student account. You will have a choice between:
      • 3-payment plan: payments due on the 5th of each month
        • Fall semester: September, October, and November
        • Spring semester: February, March, and April
      • 4-payment plan: payments due on the 10th of each month
        • Fall semester: August, September, October, and November
        • Spring semester: January, February, March, and April

  • Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (due 8/28/2023): All incoming students are required to accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, which outlines the financial terms and conditions associated with enrollment at Willamette. Simply log into Bill+Payment and the agreement will appear on your screen.

  • Student Health Insurance Waiver (due 9/11/2023): ALL eligible incoming students are automatically enrolled and charged for the Willamette Student Health Insurance policy. If you have comparable coverage under a different insurance company and DO NOT want to take part in the Willamette Plan, you must complete the online waiver by 5:00 PM on September 11, 2023.
  • CAFES Fund Opt Out (due 9/11/2023): Students who do not wish to contribute $25 per semester to the Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability (CAFES) Fund may opt out by 5:00PM on September 11, 2023. (PNCA, MBA-P, and Data Science students are exempt). To opt out, do the following:
    • Log into the WU Portal
    • Click on Student Self Service
    • Click User Options, then Required Agreements

  • Authorized user setup on Bill+Payment. Authorized users have access to your student account statement and can make electronic payments through Bill+Payment, set up payment plans, and download the annual form 1098-T. For more information on how to establish your parent/guardian as an authorized user, please refer to our Bill+Payment information page.

  • Alternative for establishing authorized persons without internet/email access: Complete the form Authorization to Release Financial Information for authorized users who do not have access to the Internet. Please note that persons with manual authorization forms will not receive statement notification. Please mail your completed release to the Student Accounts office.

  • Direct Deposit setup: You can sign up to have any student refund or expense reimbursement deposited directly into your bank account. 
Willamette University

Student Accounts

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