Student Account Refunds

Students whose accounts reflect an overpayment may request a refund through the Student Accounts Office.

Refunds will be issued for credit balances resulting from Title IV funds in accordance with financial aid guidelines. Other credit balances in excess of $100 will be automatically refunded to the student. Students whose accounts reflect an overpayment from sources other than Title IV may request the credit balance be held and applied to the next semester.

Please review the Student Accounts Refund Policy for additional information on refunds, including adjustments related to student withdrawals.

Setting up Direct Deposit for Refunds

Students may enroll in direct deposit for both student account refunds and expense reimbursements by doing the following:

  • Have your bank routing number and account number readily available. You can find this information on the bottom of your checks.
  • Enrolling students only: Create a network account to provide you with a Willamette email address.
  • Log in to the WU Portal, click on Student Self Service, then click on Banking Information. Once in, follow instructions to get set up.

 The following types of refunds may only be made by paper check:

  • International student refunds: due to International ACH Transactions rules, Willamette University is prohibited from making direct deposit disbursements to accounts outside of the United States.
  • Parent Plus Loan recipients: Credit balances caused by Parent Plus loans must be refunded by paper check due to federal rules.

Student Account Refund Schedule

Please note that a credit balance must appear on a student's account 2-3 business days prior to a disbursement processing date.

Click here to view refund disbursement schedules.

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