Conference Telephone Options

Willamette has four options for conference calling: using your office multi-button telephone; using a standard desk set; using a conferencing speaker telephone WITS has available for check out; and using a conferencing service.

Willamette’s telephone system allows you to set up a conference call for up to six (6) people, including yourself.

  1. To use the conference call feature of your multi-button telephone, it must be set up with a conference call button. To request this feature, submit a WITS service request via the WITS website at
  2. If you have a standard desk set (dial pad only), your telephone must be programmed to enable conferencing. To request this service, submit a WITS service request via the WITS website at
  3. The conferencing speaker telephone allows a group of several people in one room to conference with as many as five additional people at remote locations. You may schedule this telephone by calling the WITS Equipment Desk at x6767.
  4. If you need to conference with more than five people at remote locations, you will need to use a conferencing service or “bridge.” Contact Casslayne Porterfield to find out what services are available.

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