General Dialing Instructions

Extension to extension (on campus)

4 digit extension only

Direct Inward Dialing (DID, off-campus)

(503) 480-2xxx

(503) 373-3xxx
(503) 375-5xxx

(503) 370-6xxx

Internal extensions only


Local dialing

(503) + number

Direct long distance
(non-residence hall phone)

1 + (area code) + number

Long distance credit card (non-residence hall phone)

Must use a Calling Card. Follow the instructions on the Card.



Directory Assistance

1+area code+555-1212

(411 is not activated)

Campus Safety


Outside emergency


Voice mail outside access

(503) 370-6500

To transfer a caller into someone's voice mail:

  1. Press Transfer
  2. Press * followed by their extension of voice mail box number
  3. Press Transfer again immediately

For further assistance, call the WITS Help Desk at x6767 or (503) 370-6767.

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