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Willamette University's JD/MBA Dual Degree Program

Are you considering a path that combines the power of law and business? Look no further than Willamette's JD/MBA dual degree program, one of the best JD/MBA programs in the country. This comprehensive four-year program awards you two degrees: a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Whether you're searching for the best joint JD/MBA programs, the top JD/MBA programs, or schools with dual JD and MBA programs, Willamette University is an excellent choice. Learn more about our program focused on experiential learning and future success.

The power of the JD/MBA dual degree

The Willamette JD/MBA is a dynamic four-year program that results in two professional degrees—the JD and the MBA. It's a program that brings together the rich educational and career resources of Willamette's Atkinson Graduate School of Management and the College of Law. What sets this program apart is its rare triple accreditation.

Notably, the American Bar Association accredits the JD program, AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accredits the MBA program, and NASPAA (the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) accredits the public administration component. This trifecta of accreditations speaks volumes about the program's quality and commitment to academic excellence.

Noted publications such as Forbes, Businessweek, and Poets & Quants consistently recognize Willamette's MBA program among the top-tier business schools in the U.S., emphasizing its exceptional quality and cementing its reputation as one of the country's leading joint JD/MBA programs. A recent study shed light on the performance of law schools in preparing students for the bar exam. Out of all the law schools assessed, Willamette Law stands out, ranking #16 in the nation for adding the most value to its students' ultimate bar passage rates.

Your path to a diverse range of careers

Enrolling in the JD/MBA program opens doors to many career opportunities. Whether you're interested in corporate law, trust administration, tax law, regulation, public sector management, entrepreneurial ventures, consulting, or private legal practice, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge to thrive. It's not just among the top JD/MBA programs; it's a gateway to a versatile career.

By earning both degrees, you'll always have options within your career path. You can start your career as a law firm member and eventually pivot to entrepreneurship. You'll be able to use both of your skill sets in a variety of settings. Both of these degrees provide different perspectives on law, economics, and society, allowing you to make the most of your potential.

A blend of law and business curriculum

The JD/MBA program follows a structured path that spans four years. Students typically take classes in the JD curriculum during their first year, transitioning to the MBA program in the second. The subsequent years blend courses from both programs. Here's a sample of what your academic journey may look like:

  • Years 1 & 2

    Law Fall Semester - 15 Law Credits

    • Civil Procedure
    • Contracts
    • Lawyering
    • Torts

    Law Spring Semester - 14 Law Credits

    • Contracts II
    • Lawyering
    • Property
    • Constitutional Law
    • Criminal Law

    MBA Fall Semester - 15 MBA Credits

    • Data Analysis, Modeling & Decision Making
    • Managing Individuals, Teams and Organizations
    • Accounting for Managers
    • PACE I: Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises
    • Finance and Economics I

    MBA Spring Semester: 16 MBA Credits

    • Marketing: Creating Satisfied Customers
    • PACE II: Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises
    • Finance and Economics II
    • Operations and Systems Management
    • MBA Elective
  • Years 3 & 4

    Beyond elective selections, the third and fourth years of JD and MBA courses at Willamette encompass a diverse curriculum including:

    • Politics and Public Policy for Managers
    • Strategic Management
    • Constitutional Law II
    • Evidence
    • Professional Responsibility

    This thorough curriculum guarantees you a balanced education, combining analytical and strategic business skills with JD program legal expertise.

Applying to the JD/MBA program

Applying to the JD/MBA program is a straightforward process. Applicants must submit applications to both the College of Law and the Willamette MBA program. You can exercise flexibility by applying to both programs simultaneously, applying to the MBA program while enrolled in the JD program, or applying to the JD program while pursuing your MBA. You must submit your GRE or LSAT score to the law school.

Contact us with your questions.

MBA concentrations and tailoring your education

As a JD/MBA student, you have the opportunity to specialize in one or more of the following MBA concentrations, making it one of the best JD/MBA programs for customization:

These concentrations allow you to tailor your education to your specific career goals and interests, further enhancing your expertise in your chosen field. Find the perfect combination to enhance your law degree and become more marketable in the job market.

Benefits of a JD/MBA dual degree program

  • Experiential learning

    The JD/MBA program offers a unique blend of classroom learning and practical experience. You'll have the opportunity to participate in internships, externships, clinics, and real-world projects, gaining hands-on experience that complements your academic studies.

    Willamette law students can engage in the Externship program, immersing themselves in the fast-paced world of practicing lawyers. Many students have leveraged their externship experience to work at businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    The MBA program is a leader in experiential learning, emphasizing hands-on learning and a robust internship program. Willamette MBA students have also secured top-tier internships with companies like Daimler, Columbia, Boeing, Wieden & Kennedy, and Nike.

    Students pursuing the JD/MBA path will find opportunities that help build their resume and prepare them for their future.

  • Graduate school synergy
    Combining a JD with an MBA provides a powerful skill set that bridges the gap between law, business, and government. Today's complex legal and corporate landscape highly values this synergy. It's much easier to handle all your educational goals at once, focusing solely on the law courses and business courses. A joint degree program helps students become proficient in two different subjects at once, which will benefit them throughout their careers.

    Many employees find it difficult to go back to school after they've joined the workforce. By pursuing both the JD/MBA degrees concurrently, you streamline your education, eliminating the challenges of returning to the classroom later in your career.
  • Diverse internship opportunities
    The program's connections with law firms, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations create a wealth of internship opportunities. These internships provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for your future career.

    By enrolling in the Willamette MBA/JD program, you can tap into various networks to discover the ideal direction for your future. Both faculty departments offer different guidance and resources, so you can take advantage of different networking opportunities.
  • Robust coursework
    You'll engage in a rigorous curriculum that covers essential topics in law, business, and public administration. This comprehensive education prepares you to tackle complex challenges in your chosen career path.

    You can also use your education in law to impact your business studies. Switching between different topics and subjects allows you to explore problems with a different approach. By your fourth year in the program, you should feel confident navigating real-world problems between both schools of thought.
  • Tuition savings
    Pursuing a JD and an MBA separately can be costlier and more time-consuming. The JD/MBA program offers a cost-effective and streamlined approach to earning both degrees simultaneously.

    In fact, you can also take advantage of financial aid, scholarships, and even student employment opportunities. Review all the tuition options for graduate students to learn about all the ways you can save on your degree.

Willamette University's JD/MBA dual degree program is a gateway to a world of opportunities. As one of the best MBA/JD programs in the Pacific Northwest, you'll benefit from the accreditation of both schools. The JD/MBA joint degree program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in various fields.

As one of the few schools that offer a JD/MBA program, you can count on Willamette University to help you build your skill sets. It's not just among the best JD/MBA programs; it's your path to a brighter future. Consider earning both prestigious degrees and join the program today.

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