Below we’ve organized some resources to help you make the move to and get started at Willamette. However, beyond these, you also have three key resources at your disposal to quickly find the answers you need:

(1) WU Portal: On the top navigation bar, you’ll see a link to the WU Portal. Go here to find many useful links, including links to request IT equipment for your classroom, access online systems for course management, enrollment, waitlists, and grading (e.g. WISE, SAGE), as well as links to Faculty and Staff Training resources (e.g. Cornerstone).

(2) Willamette University Website: Almost any topic you’re looking for is discoverable on Willamette’s amazing website by entering a query into the “Search” option in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

(3) Departmental Administrative Assistants: Your departmental assistant is a key advocate and resource. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, your departmental administrative assistant is likely to know how to answer your question or solve your issue and save you considerable time and effort.

Useful WU Webpages

Here are some of the university webpages you’ll use ALL the time:

Communication and Campus Resources

Teaching and Advising Resources

Required Faculty Training

All Willamette University faculty, staff, and student employees are mandated by federal law to complete the following training programs within the first 30 days of hire, and annually thereafter.

  • Workplace Harassment: Fundamentals
  • Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act 
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy & Protocol 
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

Instructions to access online training modules:
1.  Go to WU’s Faculty & Staff Gateway
2.  In the Faculty Staff Training column, click on the blue box “Employee Training Portal.”
3.  Login using your WU username and password.
4.  In the personalized training center window, go to Your Inbox and select “View transcript.”
5.  In the Transcript window under the Active tab you will see a list of the training modules you need to complete.
6.  To start a module, under Options select “Launch.”  *Note: Make sure your browser is set to allow popups.

Getting Started Checklist

Here is some useful information to help you get oriented (in alphabetical order):

Faculty Services and Resources Guide

Peruse this important web page - Faculty & Staff Gateway! This internal webpage contains links to important university services, departmental links, and WITS email and network services, including Willamette’s Academic Calendar and pages that contain Campus Use Forms and College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Faculty Forms, as well as links to submit IT Service Requests and Facilities Work Orders, among other things.

Academic Commons

The Willamette University Academic Commons is the online collection of undergraduate theses, student grants and awards documents, faculty minutes, and grant-funded data collections. Academic Commons also houses the online collections of the Willamette University Archives and the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. The collections date from the founding of the Oregon Territory to the present.

Academic Divisions

College departments are organized into six academic divisions:

  1. Arts: Art, Art History, Music, and Theatre);
  2. Humanities: Classical Studies, History, Philosophy, Religion, Rhetoric, and Civic Communication & Media
  3. Languages: English, French, German & Russian, Japanese & Chinese, Spanish
  4. Life Sciences: Biology, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Exercise Science, and Psychology
  5. Physical Sciences and Mathematics: Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics
  6. Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Politics, and Sociology

Several interdisciplinary majors/minors (e.g., Asian Studies, American Ethnic Studies, Archaeology, Comparative Literature and History of Ideas, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies) draw on more than one division for their course listings.

Benefits - Overview and Orientation

Willamette offers a comprehensive benefit package designed to provide a variety of choices to best fit your needs and the needs of your family. Please feel free to review the information on the Benefits Overview website. Please register for a Benefits Orientation where you will be able to learn more about our benefits and ask questions prior to making a decision of which plan best fits your needs.

New Employee Eligibility: As a new employee who is eligible for the benefits package, you may enroll in our benefit plans within 31 days of your date of hire or appointment. The effective date of your benefit coverage is the first day of the month following your date of hire. For example, if your hire date is on May 8th, your benefits will begin on June 1st. In order for your benefits to become effective, you must complete and submit all of the required enrollment forms to the Human Resource Office with 31 days of your date of hire. If your forms are not returned within your initial 31 days of employment, you must wait for the annual Open Enrollment period or a qualifying event to enroll in your benefits.

It is very important that you register for a benefits orientation as soon as possible so that your benefits will be effective in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Lahey, Human Resources, University Services Building, 503-375-5443,

Campus ID - Compass Card

Willamette University's Compass Card, named for the University's compass logo, is a one-card system of identification, building access and campus commerce. Your ID card is also your campus debit card. You can make campus purchases of food, textbooks, gifts, snacks, sodas, laundry services and photocopies using your Compass Card. Simply deposit funds into your account using a number of convenient methods. Find out more – Compass Card FAQs.

Campus Mailgroups and Broadcast Email Groups

To increase the effectiveness and timeliness of news, updates and safety information shared via email, the university uses Google Groups. Everyone in the campus community belongs to designated groups and many belong to opt-in groups, which allow group moderators to manage email messages to and among its members.

College Colloquium

College Colloquium is the academic centerpiece of student’s first semester at Willamette University. Central to the colloquium is the idea of intellectual freedom — students’ freedom to pick a topic that mirrors their interests and to pursue questions that fire their imagination. Faculty from every department and program across the campus teach in the College Colloquium: Music and Physics no less than History and Philosophy. In choosing a colloquium student take an important first step in creating their intellectual journey at Willamette. Faculty can access comprehensive information and resources for College Colloquium.

Dining Halls

Café Descriptions and Hours of Operation


Current Willamette University students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a free university email account. In order to establish a university email account you must have a Willamette ID number, and be considered a current employee by Human Resources. Once Human Resources creates a Current Employee Record for you, it may take up to 12 hours before you can create your email account. (In many cases, you are not considered a current employee until the date you actually start working.) Note: Your Willamette ID number can be found on your Willamette ID card, issued by Campus Safety.


Internet Access

Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) offers instructions on its website on how to connect to Willamette University’s on-campus networks (wired and wireless).


To submit a request for new keys or for lost or stolen keys go to Facilities Management Key Request Form site to download the appropriate Key Request Form. Obtain the required signature(s) and then submit the form to the Facilities Management Office, either by campus mail or by fax.

License to Drive College Vehicle

On occasion, faculty and staff on campus may want to either rent or use a College vehicle, or rent or use a vehicle paid for by the College. In order to transport students, either by University van or by private vehicle, drivers MUST have a valid driver’s license and complete four steps outlined in Willamette’s Safe Driver Program:

  1. Read the driver disqualification criteria.
  2. Complete the Test Registration Form (accessed from the Driver Disqualification page).
  3. Read the test instructions (accessed from the Test Registration page)
  4. Create an account on the United Educators website and take a safe driver test.

Meetings (Faculty and Department)

Faculty meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, from 11:20 – 12:50 p.m. in the Montag Den. Lunch will be available for purchase beginning at 11:00; the cost is $5. The business portion of the meeting is scheduled to start at 11:20. At these meetings the faculty determines educational policy, including major curricular changes, and discusses other topics of general concern to the College community. Faculty meeting documents can be downloaded from the CAS Faculty Meetings WISE site. To reach the material on this WISE site, simply click on the provided link then log in using your user name and password. Please note: voting members of the faculty have access to these documents on the WISE site. Departmental meetings vary in frequency, subject matter, and time. Ask your department chair whether there are scheduled department meetings.

Moving to Salem

Willamette University’s College of Law has created a guide called “Moving to Salem” that might be helpful when making the move to Salem. Travel Salem also lists a number of resources on its website to help individuals relocate to the Salem and mid-Willamette area. 

Parking and Transportation

Willamette’s Parking and Transportation site provides links to obtain campus parking permits and offers helpful transportation links on alternate transportation options. For example, students and employees may purchase discounted Salem bus passes, rent an on-campus Zipcar at the special educational rate, or rent a bike at the Willamette Bike Shop.

Print Services

Print Services provides a myriad of printing, copying, finishing, and standard mail services for faculty, including high quality black and color digital printing on various stocks and paper sizes; printing on demand for high or low volume print runs, and; the creation of announcements, posters, flyers, brochures, newsletter, postcards, etc. It’s easy to initiate a print job and complete a Print Services Work Request

Paper, Letterhead, Envelope and Supplies Ordering

Faculty can order paper, letterhead, envelopes and other paper supplies using online forms available on the Print Services Order webpage.


Willamette University is on a monthly payroll cycle with payday on the last business day of the month. Faculty may have their paychecks directly deposited in any U.S. national bank by completing and submitting a direct deposit form to the payroll office by the 15th of the current month to be effective for the month's payroll. Faculty and staff can complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment form found on the Payroll Office web page. Questions about payroll matters should be addressed to Angela Murphy, Payroll Manager, University Services, 503-375-5307 or


In addition to faculty office and departmental printers, there are also a number of print services available to faculty at Willamette including: (1) WUPrint - All users on the campus network can use WUPrint on their personal machines to send a print job to a virtual print queue on Willamette's server. You can then log into the WUPrint tool to release your job from the queue and send it to an available printer in the library or a computer lab. (2) Print and Design Center – Faculty can print in color and high quality black & white at the Print and Design Center, located in Lee House, for a small fee. All public printers are draft-quality black & white only. (3) (1) Faculty Xerox Printing from Mac laptops – WITS offers directions to allow faculty to download, install, and name a Xerox printer on your personal Mac laptop. (4) Computer Lab Printers - Black and white printing is available to all WU community members, free of cost, in most of the campus computer labs.


Campus Recycle was founded in the 1990's. Willamette University started with academic offices and expanded to residential buildings. Essentially, there was no dedicated equipment, very few recycling sites on campus, and very few commodities accepted. Today we accept all commodities that are accepted through the Oregon Transfer Station. Willamette’s Recycling Support Guidelines lists what can be recycled using mixed recycling labeled containers found in department offices, classrooms, and building halls.

Scheduling and Events

The Scheduling, Events and Conferences Office is the university department that helps faculty to schedule and coordinate co-curricular, academic, and social events. Scheduling, Events, and Conferences facilitates the scheduling of all campus programming as well as the rental of facilities to the outside community, and this is where faculty will find links to schedule rooms for on campus events. Faculty can contact Leisa Kister, Scheduling Coordinator, at or 503-375-5442 for personalized assistance in faculty event planning.

Telephone/Voicemail Services

Quick Reference information on General Dialing Instructions, how to use Cisco IP Phones, and access Cisco Voicemail can be found on the WITS webpages.

Vehicle Rentals

Individual and group renters have access to car and van rentals through a outside vendor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. On campus vehicles through ZipCar are also still available and a good choice for short duration trips.

Willamette Instructional Support Environment (WISE)

Willamette Instructional Support Environment is a learning and collaboration system that provides course sites for official university courses and project sites for committee work, student organizations, collaborative research projects and other university-related activities. For information on how to login, finding sites in WISE, training workshops, or to request a project site go to the WISE Portal Site.

Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS)

Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) provides the computing, telecommunications, multimedia, audio-visual, networking, and classroom technology services necessary for the academic and administrative needs of the university community. WITS supports technology-equipped classrooms and provides equipment for check-out. Their website include links and resources to get connected, access technology equipped classrooms and equipment, and quickly get help when you need it.

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