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Gain social impact investing experience

The Philanthropic investment course is a one-of-a-kind experience in grant management. Learn how to impact communities in a strategic and meaningful way.

MBA student working with peers

Community impact through philanthropic investment

The Willamette MBA program puts hands-on learning opportunities at the forefront of education. Students have the unique opportunity to experience grant funding and learn how to provide social programs for the community. Through the Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact course, students will manage a micro-organization that awards grants to local non-profit organizations that impact the community.

Students establish the values, mission, and priorities of their new micro-organization. They collectively design and implement processes and channels for collecting and evaluating proposals submitted by non-profit organizations. In order to choose the right opportunity, students assess the financial returns and community impact of the organizations and their proposals.

Students work with an Advisory Board and gain valuable management experience that applies to all industries and sectors. This MBA philanthropy course provides practical experience to help students excel in the job market. Use real money to address social issues within the United States.

Gain experience in the growing world of impact investing and social enterprises.

An MBA for social impact

When you're searching for the best MBA for social impact, make sure to focus on programs that provide real-world experience. While a classroom education is important, it's hard to provide social innovation without action.

  • Real-world experiences

    At Willamette, we provide unique experiential learning opportunities through our full-time MBA program. We turn knowledge into action. It starts with our location; just steps away from the State Capitol, students can develop a network with those who handle grants. Team up with faculty members and assess the net impact of policies.

  • Private sector and public sector impact

    Willamette is one of only two MBA programs in the world to achieve dual accreditation in both Business and Public Administration. No matter what courses you take, you'll gain exposure to private and non-profit points of view.

  • Impactful career paths

    This philanthropic investment course can provide a first look into a variety of career paths. Get a better understanding of what a grant manager does or even gain exposure to becoming a social impact consultant. You can also prepare for careers as a nonprofit program director, a community development specialist, a corporate social responsibility manager, or even a foundation program officer.

    Consider a pathway to becoming a policy analyst in social impact, an impact investment analyst, or a social entrepreneur. This course provides a well-rounded experience that can help you provide a positive community impact.

  • Strong connections

    Our MBA Career Management service can help you develop the right network for your long-term career goals. We have a positive brand awareness with public and non-profit organizations, as well as top-tier businesses in the area. Many of our graduates have secured jobs at world-renowned companies and organizations.

    Willamette has campuses in Portland and Salem, both locations offering different opportunities. Our ECCC program is only offered on our Salem campus. Having two locations can add additional value. It expands the connections and networking possibilities for students. Take advantage of events and connections on both campuses to make the most of your graduate degree.

  • International opportunities

    Looking to make an impact on a global scale? Willamette offers an MBA study abroad program. Travel to a different country and learn more about business from an international perspective. You can learn more about different countries and even apply your learnings to make a difference.

Join our MBA philanthropy efforts

Interested in gaining social impact investing experience? Advance your career and get a better understanding of your interests through Willamette's MBA program. Take the next step and apply to our program!

Our MBA Program

No matter what you're interested in, we offer a variety of MBA concentrations to help you gain the right skill set. For students who are interested in our philanthropic investment course and social impact investing, consider these MBA paths:

  • Public & Not-for-Profit Management: This specialization prepares students for leadership roles in the nonprofit sector. For those looking to manage organizations with a social impact mission, this program is a great fit for their career goals.
  • Entrepreneurship: Interested in starting a social enterprise? Eager to develop solutions to community challenges? Our MBA in entrepreneurship can help combine innovation with social change.
  • Finance: Focus on managing grants and learn more about impact investment funds. Learn how to better assess the financial viability and impact of nonprofit organizations through our finance MBA.

You don't have to focus on the concentrations above to find value through this social impact investing opportunity. Willamette delivers a holistic MBA program so that students can explore any program or course. 

Hands-on learning courses

For those interested in our philanthropy course, learn more about these course options that offer practical experience:

  • PACE
    PACE, or Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises, is a required first-year course. It focuses on giving back, and pairing students with not-for-profit clients in the local community. Gain consulting skills and learn how to strategically solve problems through this course.
  • Angel Investment Fund
    The Angel Fund is a student-run angel investment program. Students gain exposure to the world of venture capitalism by funding real-world startups. Learn how to evaluate companies and assess risk through this course.
  • O'Neil Student Investment Fund
    If investments excite you, consider this course focused on investments. Keep up with political, economic, and financial news to manage a portfolio of stocks and traded funds. Gain more investment knowledge and prepare to become an impact investor or financial analyst.
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